Leading people into a growing relationship with Christ. We desire to serve the most needy individuals and families in our local area. We are first and foremost a fellowship of believers that believe in following Christ’s examples of service. He said ” I have not come to be served but to be serve. “Our desire is to lift him up:allowing him to be draw people to God’s Kingdom.


We believe that to have an effective community we must commit to a time of weekly celebration. At these celebrations you will experience authentic worship and challenging Biblical teaching on issues that are important to you today. We are a church that is fluid adjusting our methods along the way to more effectively be the Church to our community.


We are a church that is constantly growing knowing that none of us have arrived in our spiritual journey, but are here to spur one another on in our spiritual transformation.


The call of God has been the same since the beginning of time. We are called to surrender our lives and center them around Jesus Christ. At The mission of our church is to lead people into a growing relationship with Christ. We strongly encourage, teach, and promote living the Christ-centered life as part of that growing relationship.

Who We Are

We are a church that sees the potential in people and facilitates them in discovering
Gods design for their life and contribution to His kingdom. We believe that Gods
design was for every believer to participate in serving and building the church. We
are a church that is compassionate about people with needs in our community and
is actively looking for ways to serve others in our community.