Mission of the Junior Board

The Junior Board of Directors is comprised of local High School students that are chosen for their passion to lead the charge against hunger by individually targeting a need and finding the resources to fill that need.
This group of dynamic students represents many different Orange County High Schools that come together to harness their leadership skills and creativity to find new and innovative methods to meet the needs of the homeless population at Lighthouse Outreach.

What do Junior Board Members do?

  • Learn how to think strategically by assessing a need in this population
  • Exercise resourcefulness by thinking “outside the box” to solve the problem
  • Become mature and responsible citizens by learning how to perform “outreach”
  • Attain real world experience with responsibility for results and deadlines
  • Learn how to conduct meetings
  • Experience dealing with municipalities and local government
  • Explore funding opportunities through grant writing and endowments
  • Develop fundraising skills
  • Master public speaking

Junior Board Qualifications

Current High School student grades 9-12

Entry level/probationary period position as an ambassador for 6 months and can rise to board member after successful completion of 2 projects and 25 hours of service through Lighthouse Outreach Ministries

3.0 GPA or above


Necessary Skills

Genuine interest in the cause of hunger and homelessness
Public speaking
Ambitious attitude and positive outlook/ability to work as a group
Must attend a majority of the meetings and team events
Commitment to make weekend events on a regular basis
Ability to run outreach though your school and or other affiliated organizations

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a member of Lighthouse please send an email to : rebeccazom@gmail.com